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Accounting Services

Assurance Service


A higher level of insight.

Today’s business environment is experiencing rapid changes – from increased regulations and continually emerging accounting rules, to more competition than ever before. That’s why, at VJN, we’re dedicated to helping our clients not only survive, but thrive. Our dedicated Accounting & Reporting Advisory professionals provide our clients with a wide range of high-level consultative services, including financial reporting, evaluation of complex accounting and reporting issues, implementation of new accounting standards, evaluation and accounting for business transactions, pre-clearance letters, and comment letters.

Harnessing our deep experience serving companies of every size and in nearly every industry, we understand the risks, challenges, and opportunities posed by transactions and emerging regulations. VJN combines the personal involvement of senior level professionals with the resources of our expansive global network to meet our clients’ unique needs.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Service


Helping you navigate complex standards.

For many companies, the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are an essential component of their financial reporting processes, both internally and externally. But the complex standards can be difficult to navigate – and changes in the reporting standards can have a big impact, both on your financial statements as well as your overall business.

That’s where we come in. At VJN, our U.S. GAAP Consulting professionals provide a full range of accounting services, from providing financial statement audits to offering general advisory and support to our clients. Our professionals draw on deep, industry-specific experience, offering comprehensive services tailored to your unique business needs.


Tax consulting


A major determinant of company profitability.

Federal income tax is one of the most challenging – and crucial – aspects of managing any company, of any size. Tax expense is a significant factor in both annual and long-term performance. Compliance presents an ongoing risk, one that demands nearly constant monitoring of the regulatory landscape.

VJN brings a team of professionals dedicated to the complex and transformative terrain of federal income tax matters, and years of experience as one of the world’s premier accounting and consulting networks. From long-term planning to short-term cash flow management, we provide our clients with a comprehensive, proactive approach to the challenges and opportunities inherent in federal tax and all its complexities.

VJN works with businesses and organizations of all sizes – multinational corporations, entrepreneurial endeavors, and everything in between.


Consulting Service


Outsourcing solutions for an increasingly complex world.

Rapid globalization, changing consumer dynamics, and the breathtaking pace of technological innovation are continuously altering every industry landscape. For decision-makers of all levels, the need to both meet daily obligations and plan for an increasingly unpredictable future places intense demands on limited time.

VJN’s Business Services & Outsourcing team helps clients by helping meet current needs and by working toward long-term goals. Our professionals evaluate and benchmark key functions in your organization and draw on deep experience developing and integrating accounting, finance, and HR objectives with corporate and human capital strategy. In a highly competitive marketplace, realizing long-term goals comes not only from capitalizing on opportunities and mitigating risks, but from doing it all as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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