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IRS Tax Audit Representation New York

IRS Tax Audit Representation New York

With expertise in counseling, representing and defending all types of companies during IRS Tax Audits, VJN Associates is the most qualified NY CPA firm you should contact if you receive an audit notice from IRS. A tax audit can lead to hefty penalties if not handled properly. Contact the most competent and experienced IRS Tax Audit representation firm in New York to manage the audit process successfully and effortlessly.

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Why Were Your Returns Selected For IRS Tax Audit?

Getting an IRS audit notice doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve broken tax laws. IRS can select businesses randomly or when their documents don’t match the reported expenses. Returns containing large, unusual or suspicious items can also become subject to tax audits. Regardless of the reason, you need a tax attorney or CPA to assist you with the process and represent your best interest while staying within the legal boundaries.

IRS Tax Audit Representation NY — Why Hire A CPA?

Hiring an expert IRS Tax Audit CPA often costs you much less than hiring a tax attorney. CPAs are specialists of accounting principles as well as tax laws, which makes them more suitable for analyzing the finer details of your financial statements, tax returns, and supporting documents. Our skilled tax accountants can help you avoid or mitigate the negative consequences of the audit.

What Services Will An IRS Tax Audit Representation CPA NY Provide?

As your tax audit representation CPA in New York, VJN Associates will manage the audit process and the IRS and/or state authorities. We’ll reply to all audit notices and provide legal explanations and support for unusual expenses after an in-depth analysis of your financial information. Our proficient tax accountants will leave no stone unturned to get you the tax relief that you deserve.

The Process Of IRS Tax Audit Representation In New York

We’ll work with you to fully understand your business and its unique financial features and brief you about the audit process. Next, we’ll analyze your financial documents, research your background, formulate a strategy, and identify the probable outcomes of the audit. We’ll represent you at all hearings, meet the IRS and/or State tax officers on your behalf, and comprehensively handle the whole audit process, which may span over at least a couple of months.

Documents Required For IRS Tax Audit Representation NY

We expect you to bring the following documents to our first meeting in order to make it more productive:
· Documentary evidence for expense (receipts, bills, etc)
· Form 1099s and W2s
· Property tax statements
· Mortgage interest payment records
· Business license and documents (for the self-employed)
· Any other income, expense or tax document pertaining to the year of audit

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